Machinery Directive
The Machinery Directive was implemented to enable the free movement of machines throughout Europe and into Europe from the rest of the world.

The purpose of the Directive is to ensure that all machines sold within Europe are safe and do not endanger operators and third parties.

Under the Directive, certain machine types are identified in Annex IV (these are classified as dangerous machines with potentially high risks associated). These machines are required to comply with specific tests to ensure safety. One of the ways to meet the requirements is through carrying out a ‘full quality assurance’ assessment (this is referred to as Annex X).
We are notified for all machines listed in Annex IV and can conduct full type examination as defined within the Directive. In addition, we can carry out Annex X assessments.
We will review technical files and inspect the machinery before issuing a Type Examination Certificate.

For machines not listed in Annex IV, we can conduct voluntary examinations to give higher confidence to your customers and European customs that machines being sold or imported are compliant.

Every case we have been involved in is unique and we would be more than happy to tailor our service to your needs.

EMC Directive
EMC Directive was implemented to ensure electrical products do not interfere with radio and receiving devices. In addition, the Directive requires that electrical products do not interfere with each other.

The manufacturer or importer is responsible for compliance under the Directive. Within the provisions in the Directive, manufacturers or importers are allowed to seek an independent report from a Notified Body as to the product’s conformity to the legislation.
We will review test reports and supporting technical documentation to demonstrate compliance and issue an EMC EU Type Examination Certificate.